Exploring the Loyalty / CX Connection

Download Understanding the Boomerang Effect of Loyalty Programs and discover valuable research findings and insights that will help you optimize that critically important relationship between your loyalty program and your CX results.


Be The Go-To: Our Conversation with Theresa M. Lina

Recently, The Verde Group hosted a webinar featuring best-selling author Theresa M. Lina, creator of The Apollo Method. The Apollo Method outlines the process organizations can implement to own their competitive market, charge more and have customers love them for it. The insightful book, available on Amazon, showcases such industry innovators as Apple, Tesla, Amazon […]

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Going Undercover To Understand Customer Behavior

  Lori Childers, Vice President Client Solutions, Verde Group “You can’t understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.” It’s a timeless and powerful call for us to be more empathetic, one we’d all do well to remember more often in our personal lives. But it also turns out it’s also an indispensable […]

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6 Ways Retailing Is Changing For The Better

By Paula Courtney, CEO. It’s an exciting time to be immersed in the cutting-edge world of retail technology and the perennial challenge of better engaging with customers. I was reminded of this recently when I attended the annual CEO summit hosted by the Wharton School’s Baker Retailing Center. The daylong conference, attended by thought leaders […]

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Market Research: It’s Not An End – Just The Beginning

By Lori Childers, Senior VP. Imagine going to see your doctor for an annual physical and he or she tells you your weight or blood pressure is too high. Hey, it happens to most of us at some point. The key is what you do with that information moving forward. Do you put together a […]

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Customer Experience Day: An Opportunity To Get Real

By Paula Courtney, Chief Executive Officer. October 1 is Customer Experience Day, a celebration of the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences a reality. But more concretely, it’s an opportunity for all of us to better understand and gain insight into just what customers experience every day and each time they buy your […]

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Customer Memory: Timing is everything

Recently, I attended the Forrester CX NYC 2019 Forum, which brings together customer experience leaders from around the world to learn how to better understand customers and expand relationships. As I made my way around the conference sessions, learning about many of the new tools and technology that delve into customer preferences and decision-making, it […]

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Top 3 Customer Retention Tips for Business Owners

Customers decide to take their business elsewhere for a variety of reasons: Whether it’s a negative experience, below-average product or service, or a general feeling of being treated as just a number, people are quick to make changes. What’s more, losing a customer has a significant financial impact on businesses; the cost of acquiring a […]

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Text Analytics: Be Aware of Magic Bullets

  By Gord Ripley, Senior Vice President Operations at Verde Group There are many text analytics platforms available on the market today. In essence, they all claim to take unstructured data (verbatim) and turn it into structured insights. Terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and sophisticated algorithms are being thrown around, but […]

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Is Your Customer Service Department Making Things Worse?

Having a customer service department is essential to business success. Customers who have issues with your product or service want comfort in knowing that they can speak to a representative about their concerns. There are companies such as Amazon, that have international acclaim for their stellar customer support.   On the other hand, there are […]

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