Exploring the Loyalty / CX Connection

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CEO Thoughts: 4 Customer Experience Trends That Will Shape 2019

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is “what’s next?”. Where is the customer experience (CX) going? In an era of disruption, hyper-digitized economies and value-seeking customers, the pressure to be better and cheaper has been replaced with the pressure to be different and relevant. The leaders of tomorrow will […]

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Why Care About Patient Experience?

Across products and business categories, customers are demanding more from companies and brands.  Better selection, lower prices, faster service, same-day delivery and frictionless interaction: these are the market mandates of the new customer-centric economy. And then there’s health care.  Characterized by network-restricted product access, price and value obscurity, interminable wait times and a bafflingly convoluted […]

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The Sound of Your Brand Speaks Volumes

A Conversation with Sonic Branding Expert Tom Eymundson In mid-September, we had two fantastic guest speakers presenting to a number of our top clients at The Verde Group CX Summit in New York City. One of those speakers, Tom Eymundson, is a leading sonic branding expert and the CEO of The Pirate Group Inc. I caught […]

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Is Amazon Making You a Lazy Shopper?

Let’s face it – in this age of convenience it’s easy to cut corners, and as a working parent of young kids, I welcome any opportunity to be ‘lazy.’ I’ve also noticed that over time I’ve continued to return to the products and businesses that make my life easier. For example, I’m a huge fan […]

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Captive Customers: When Customers Want to Leave You But Don’t

We’ve all heard it, and probably even said it: “I’m never shopping there again!” But is there a tipping point, a ‘red line,’ that once crossed means customers will leave you for good? It turns out that things are not so simple. The point where customer dissatisfaction actually impacts repurchase intent varies from industry to […]

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NPS is Just Part of a Much Larger Toolkit

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric that measures how willing customers are to recommend a company’s offerings to others. As an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research, it’s widely believed to reflect revenue performance. Virtually every Fortune 500 company uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty — if you […]

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Inbound Feedback is Only One Piece of the Customer Experience Puzzle

Companies who rely solely on inbound feedback to gain a greater understanding of their customers’ experiences may be missing the opportunity to solve for the problems that are most related to customer loyalty. Most organizations understand the importance of focusing on negative customer experiences. Customers who’ve had problems or are unhappy are more likely to […]

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