Exploring the Loyalty / CX Connection

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The Complexity of Customer Simplicity

Last week I had to call my cable company to accomplish what I thought would be a simple task: getting a replacement modem. I was quickly reminded why most consumers hate their cable companies. I’ll save you the gory details of the experience and just provide the bullet points: • three days • seven calls […]

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NPS: The Danger of its Singularity

After Fred Reichheld published The One Number You Need to Grow in the Harvard Business Review, many customer experience professionals thought they had to ask only a single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend company [x] to your friends and colleagues?” Gone were the “overall” questions that had dominated customer surveys, as […]

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How Reward and Recognition Can Drive Customers Away

The Short Story:  Verde is seeing a significant increase in customer dissatisfaction with the reward and recognition practices of the companies they do business with.  But companies that attempt to “fix” reward and recognition often make matters worse because they misunderstand the relationship between reward/recognition and core product/service performance.  Performance on the latter is a […]

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Playing Notes or Making Music?

Welcome to Verde Group’s new blog. We look forward to discussions with you on the topics we care about: the psychology of customer interactions, how companies and customers form relationships, and the critical role of customer experience as a driver of loyalty, value and brand. […]

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