Focus on the critical few customer experiences that matter most.

Our methodology goes straight to the heart of the customer experiences that matter most to your customers and your top line in a way that satisfaction analysis cannot. We use our methodology to help you understand why your customers behave in a certain way, and what actions your company can take to alter those behaviors. Dissatisfaction is statistically much more predictive of what a customer will do than satisfaction. A detailed understanding of specific problem experiences is significantly more actionable than a generalized view of “satisfiers”.

Our most popular services include:


Improve customer buying and loyalty behaviours by mitigating or solving customer problems more effectively.

Ultimately, revenue and market share depend on two things: the quality of the experiences you create for your customers, and whether those customer experiences are superior or inferior to the other experiences your customer is having – regardless of industry. Ours is a proven approach for understanding both and acting on that understanding to improve customer value.



Upgrade field force effectiveness by managing the internal problem experiences impairing sales performance.

This is a specific area of the methodology that identifies in actionable, concrete detail, how your sales representative behaviors—or the behaviors of any customer facing agent—build or degrade customer spend behaviors and loyalty.



Grow brand equity and market reputation by addressing the problem experiences most responsible for negative word-of-mouth.

Leverage the insights of dissatisfaction and negative word-of-mouth to identify specific opportunities to improve your brand’s reputation. We assess market reputation using experiential analysis to measure the strength, distinctiveness and complexion of your company’s brand equity.

To find out more about these solutions and how they may benefit you please contact us.

Customize your solution with:

TouchPoint Tracking

Sustainable and Measurable Tracking Program

Once our clients fully grasp how CX influences customer economics, many proceed to the next logical step: implementing TouchPoint Tracking, an ongoing customer research program that measures key customer requirements as determined in the @Risk analysis, and the extent to which the company is/is not meeting those requirements. Whether it’s quarterly or semi-annual research studies, clients can measure how the customer experience is changing based on actions and improvements implemented. It’s also a great way to understand seasonality of the customer experience and keep the VOC top of mind throughout the organization.


Full-service Closed Loop Tracking Program

Many of our clients take this one step further and initiate a TouchPoint360 program, which uses the customer research interactions from TouchPoint tracking to proactively determine when a serious customer issue has occurred, and additional customer support is required to head off customer defection or spend decay. These high-risk issues are identified using Verde’s Revenue@Risk methodology and are delivered to the organization using a custom-developed algorithm.

The Verde Group’s standard workstreams for TouchPoint360 typically includes the following:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Governance Development
  • Strategic and Operational Communications
  • Problem Resolution Guideline Development
  • Tracking Research Design
  • Technical Design
  • Technology and Operational Reporting
  • Financial Analysis

CustomerPulse Dashboard

Fully Integrated Customer Experience Dashboard Solution

With the power of TouchPoint360 at your disposal, you’ll need a way to assess your performance data that is flexible, dynamic and designed to meet your organization’s specific information requirements.

The Verde Group’s fully customizable dashboards allow you to transform your complex data into easy to understand visual storytelling dashboards, enabling all members of the enterprise to analyze, share, collaborate and take action.

The Verde Group provides a four-step process to deliver a CustomerPulse Dashboard that will help your organization turn insights into action:

  1. Key Stakeholder Identification
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Brand Design
  4. Dashboard KPI Development

The CustomerPulse Dashboard works with all the major formats such as SPSS and Triple-S and has API’s with the most commonly used data collection platforms. It also integrates with multiple internal and external market research, customer experience and marketing data sources to provide you with a “single source of intelligence.”

Consulting Services


The Verde Group can provide your organization with a wide-range of CX transformation consulting services. Our consulting model has a single overriding objective: to help our clients convert their CX insights into high-impact CX improvements that grow topline revenue and market share.

Examples of our consulting services include:

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Strategic Communications
  • Culture Change Initiatives
  • Governance Structure

Across all services, we customize each and every program to meet our client’s specific business requirements. As such, we apply mixed methodologies for maximum insight.


Focus Groups


Co-creation Sessions


Quantitative Surveys

Stakeholder Analysis

Live Video

Video Insights

Text Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data and information, alone, is not enough. At the Verde Group, we employ proprietary analysis techniques to provide the critical insights and strategic recommendations that give our clients a genuine competitive advantage when it comes to customer experience.

These are just a few of the analytical techniques we employ:
  • Choice Based Modeling
  • Competitive Profiling & Benchmarking
  • Conjoint or Trade-off Analysis
  • Quali-Quantitative Assessments
  • CART Analysis

Results you can expect


Gain clear insights into which customer experiences are damaging revenue, share and brand.


Plans that will change the customer experience to realize financial gain while ensuring success through organizational alignment and readiness.


Quantify your revenue and share risk from the current customer experience.


A steady flow of customer feedback to proactively identify and intercept customers exhibiting current or pending loyalty risk.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your customer experience?